Eclipse IDE – Installation

Downloading Eclipse :

We can download eclipse from We have different options available to download the eclipse on download page

Downloading Eclipse
While downloading you can choose –

  1. If you want to do C/C++ development then you can download the Eclipse Package for C/C++ developers
  2. You can choose the Eclipse version based on the Operating system you use
  3. You can also choose the older version of the eclipse.

Installation of Eclipse :

  1. Eclipse does not provide you the .exe file.
  2. You need to download the Zip file and extract it. After extracting the ZIP file you can start using eclipse immediately.

Extracting Eclipse

Launching Eclipse :

After extracting the eclipse, You need to use the eclipse by double clicking on the eclipse.exe file.

Eclipse Installable File

Now you will be prompted to select the workspace.

Choosing the Java Workspace