Eclipse Creating Java Project

In this tutorial we will be learning how to create a sample Java project in the Eclipse IDE.

Eclipse Creating Java Project

We can create the Java Project using the following 3 different ways –

  1. By clicking on the File menu and choosing New > Java Project
  2. By right clicking anywhere in the Project Explorer and selecting New > Java Project
  3. By clicking on the New button (new project icon ) in the Tool bar and selecting Java Project

Steps to create project

Step 1 - Create new Java Project

Now when we select Java Project as option then we below window gets opened.

Step 2 - Name Java Project Eclipse

Give proper name to your Java Project. Project name should not contain space.

Step 3 - Provide Project Setting

Just keep these settings as it is and click on the next button to proceed further

Step 4 - Perspective

It would then prompt user with message saying that your project will be opened in the Java Perspective.

Step 5 - Java Project Created

After clicking on the finish button your project will be created in the Workspace.