HTML Tools & Editors

Tools Required to Learn HTML :

1. Computer | Laptop

  • You have everything with you to learn HTML.
  • Our First Requirement is that – “You must have Computer“.
  • Even minimum configuration of PC can support HTML.

2. Text Editor Or HTML Editor

  1. When you install any Operating System then OS provides us basic text editor. (e.g Window Provides us Notepad and WordPad)
  2. WordPad and Notepad are free editor comes along window.
  3. These Editors are simple editor that makes our writing task more difficult. So we are going to switch over “Notepad++“.
  4. You can download Notepad++. It is free text editor used to highlight syntax. i.e Tags are highlighted in color so that our task becomes more and more easier. (Download Notepad++ Here)

HTML Editor Used to Write HTML

  1. If you want the best HTML editor, and you don’t mind paying money for it, you can’t go past Adobe Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is probably the best HTML editor available, and you can download a trial version for starters.

Cofee Cup HTML Editor

Some Examples of Text Editors :

OS Editors
Window Coffee Cup/Notepad/WordPad
Linux Pico
MAc Simpletext/Text Edit/Text Wrangler

3. Web Browser

Name of Browser Company Default Browser in OS
Internet Explorer Microsoft Windows
Mozilla Firefox Open Source Group Linux
Opera - -
Safari Apple Inc. MAC
Google Chrome Google Android/Chrome OS

Create Simple HTML File :

Write below code in the notepad file –


    <title>This is Document Title</title>

    <h1>This is a Heading</h1>
    <b>Text is bold</b>


Now Save the notepad file using the .html/.html extension.
save html file
Don’t forgot to select “All files” from the “Save as Type” drop down. Otherwise your HTML file will be saved as intro.html.txt.