HTML Paragraph

In HTML we use paragraph for dividing the document in the sections. It is usually good practice to use paragraph while dividing the big document in the small pieces.

HTML Paragraph :

<p>This is a paragraph 1</p>
<p>This is a paragraph 2</p>
<p>This is a paragraph 3</p>

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In the HTML, When we write anything in the paragraph then browser will automatically add empty line before and after the paragraph.

HTML Para without End Tag :

HTML do support the paragraph without end tag. One thing should be keep in mind that future versions and XHTML versions of HTML will not support this.

<p>This is a paragraph 1
<p>This is a paragraph 2
<p>This is a paragraph 3

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Paragraph and Browser :

Browser will automatically render the paragraph tag of HTML. The paragraph can be used to show the paragraph in styled manner.


This is a paragraph 1 and line 1

This is a paragraph 1 and line 2

This is a paragraph 1 and line 3


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Though we have added multiple spaces inside the paragraph, HTML will remove all the extra spaces and extra lines. Try out above program yourself to get more idea.

Examples of HTML :