Gulp Project Setting Up

In this article, we will learn to set up gulp project in few simple steps.

In order to setup project in your local computer we will create a folder called "project". Now once we have folder created we will create 2 folders called - "src", "build" in your folder called "project"

Significance of Each folder

Below we have listed down air or significance of each folder used in our project -

srcContains raw source code or pre-processed source files and folder
src/imagesContains uncompressed or original size images
src/jsContains multiple pre-processed JavaScript files
src/cssContains multiple pre-processed CSS files
buildContains compiled or processed source files and folder
build/imagesContains compressed or minified images
build/jsContains processed, minified,compiled,uglified JavaScript files
build/cssContains processed CSS files and compiled CSS files from SASS/LESS
gulpfile.jsIt is configuration file for gulp task. In this file we can define our tasks