Singly linked list : C Programming

Singly Linked List : C Programming Data Structure

  1. In this type of Linked List two successive nodes are linked together in linear fashion .
  2. Each Node contain address of the next node to be followed.
  3. In Singly Linked List only Linear or Forward Sequential  movement is possible.
  4. Elements are accessed sequentially , no direct access is allowed.

Explanation :

  1. It is most basic type of Linked List in C.
  2. It is simple sequence of Dynamically allocated Nodes.
  3. Each Node has its successor and predecessor.
  4. First Node does not have predecessor while last node does not have any successor.
  5. Last Node have successor reference as “NULL“.
  6. In the above Linked List We have 3 types of nodes.
1.First Node
2.Last Node
3.Intermediate Nodes
  1. In Singly Linked List access is given only in one direction thus Accessing Singly Linked is Unidirectional.
  2. We can have multiple data fields inside Node but we have only single “Link” for next node.