Introduction to linked list : C Programming

Linked List in C Programming is :

  • It is a data Structure which consists if group of nodes that forms a sequence.
  • It is very common data structure that is used to create tree,graph and other abstract data types.

Basic Node Strucutre in Linked List

Linke List is -

  1. Linked List is Series of Nodes
  2. Each node Consist of two Parts viz Data Part & Pointer Part
  3. Pointer Part stores the address of the next node

Linked List Basic Structure in Programming

What is node ?

  1. Each Linked List Consists of Series of Nodes
  2. In above Diagram , Linked List Consists of three nodes A,B,C etc
  3. Node A has two part one data part which consists of the 5 as data and the second part which contain the address of the next node (i.e it contain the address of the next node)

Addres and Linked List Node Strucutre in Programming