CSS Introduction

What is CSS ?

  1. CSS : Cascading Style Sheets
  2. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is web designers tool to build websites along with HTML
  3. CSS is used to Style web pages
  4. CSS is designed to describe the appearance of the webpage
  5. CSS were added to HTML 4.0
  6. Extension of CSS is .css

CSS provides web browsers following information –

Visual Aspect of a web page Position of HTML elements
Text styles Background Images / Colors
Margins and Paddings Forground Images
Links and Styling Layout of the Web Page

Explanation : CSS

CSS is not a scripting language, but CSS is used to style the HTML representation. CSS is used to make webpage more elegant and attractive. In order to write CSS we have following 3 different ways.

CSS can be written –

1. Inline Styling When Style Code is written inside the HTML tag as attribute then it is called as inline styling
2. Internal Style Sheet When Complete Style code is written inside style tag then it is called as internal style sheet
3. Extarnal Style Sheet When we create another stylesheet file and include that file in the HTML source file then it is called as external style sheet.