C++ History

Background History :

  1. C++ Development started in 1979.
  2. During the creation of Ph.D. thesis, Bjarne Stroustrup worked with language called Simula.
  3. Simula is basically useful for the simulation work.
  4. Simula was first language to support object-oriented programming paradigm
  5. Bjarne Stroustrup identified that this OOP features can be included in the software development.
  6. After that Bjarne Stroustrup started working on the C language and added more extra OOP features to the classic C.
  7. He added features in such a fashion that the basic flavour of C remains unaffected.
  8. C++ includes some add-on features such as classes, basic inheritance, in-lining, default function arguments, and strong type checking

Basic History of C++

  1. During 1970 Dennis Ritchie created C Programming language.
  2.  In the early 1980’s, also at Bell Laboratories, another programming language was created which was based upon the C language.
  3. C++ is also called as C with classes
  4. Stroustrup states that the purpose of C++ is to make writing good programs easier and more pleasant for the individual programmer.
  5. C++ programming language is extension to C Language.
  6. In C we have already used increment operator (++). Therefore we called C++ as “Incremented C” means Extension to C.

Creator of C++

Creator of C++ Bjarne Stroustrup_pic_1

Versions of C++ Language

There are several versions of C++ Programming Language –

  1. Visual C++
  2. Borland C++
  3. Turbo C++ (To Read more click here)
  4. Standardize C++ [ANSI C++]

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