C++ legal Characters

The set of characters used in C++ consists of –

Token Example
Alphabets A-Z and a-z
Digits 0-9
Special characters $%^

The following table will depict the characters used in C++ Progeamming language –

Special Characters Type Example
Arithmetic Operators – + * / %
Logical Operators & !
Brackets ( ) { } [ ]
Relational Operators < > = #
Other Symbols : ; _(underscore) >> ?

These all the characters are said to be valid characters in C++ programming language. We are using these characters for the purpose of the declaring variable name,class name.

Some of the Definitions :

Term Definition
Alphabet An alphabet is a standard set of letters (basic written symbols or graphemes) for the listing of words
Digits A digit is an element of a set that taken as a whole comprises a system of Numeration
Special Character ASCII printable characters are called as Special Characters