Early Vedic : Vedas

One of the notable features of the culture of Aryans was their Literature which is called Vedas – a huge collection of verses. It is perhaps the oldest literary remains in the world. The word Veda means knowledge. The culture and life of the Aryan people show string influence of Vedas. This is the reason why their typical culture was termed as Vedic Culture. Four Vedas There are four Vedas which are listed below - Rigveda It is considered to be the oldest [...]

Early Vedic : Origin of Aryans

After the decline of the Harappan civilization, the Vedic culture emerged in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. Aryans were the people who brought and developed this typical culture in this region. Who were the Aryans? Different theories Different theories regarding the origin of the Aryans - According to some historians Aryans were the original inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent Some believe that Aryans came into India from the region of Steppes. In spite of many limitations, the latter theory has been accepted [...]