C Program to Convert Decimal number into Binary Number

Program to Convert Decimal number into Binary : Number System : Download

Output :

Explanation of Program :

Always Program execution starts from main function. Inside Main function we are accepting the decimal number.

Now after accepting the input decimal number we pass the decimal number to function dec_bin(num) function using following syntax.

Inside the Function Call -

We have declared some variables and the use of each variable is listed in following table –

VariableData TypeInitial ValueUse of Variable
rem[50]long intGarbageStoring the Remainder
ilong int0Subscript Variable for Running Loop
lengthlong int0Storing the Length of the Array
We are following steps until the number becomes 0 or less than 0 –
Step 1 : Check Whether the Number is Less than or Equal to Zero
Step 2 : Divide the number by 2 and store the remainder in the array

Step 3 : Increase the length of the array by 1 and also increment the subscript variable
After the execution of while loop print the array in reverse order.

Graphical Representation :

Decimal to Binary Number

Download Decimal to Binary Code :