First Turbo Graphics Program in C Language

First Graphic Program

Requirement to Run This Program

  1. Graphics.h Header File
  2. Graphics.lib library file
  3. Graphics driver (BGI file)
  4. 640×480 VGA monitor
Header File : graphics.h
  • All Graphical Functions are Included in Graphics.h
  • After Including graphics.h Header File [ You can get access graphical functions ]

You must Know Following Things before Learning Turbo Graphics
InitGraph :

  • Initializes the graphics system.
  • In C Program execution starts with main() similarly Graphics Environment Starts with this function.
  • initgraph() initializes the graphics system by loading a graphics driver from disk (or validating a registered driver) then putting the system into graphics mode

As this is Our first topic Under Graphics so it is better not to go in details of Parameters.