First Turbo Graphics Program in C Language

First Graphic Program [crayon-5f816249e1652251206886/] Requirement to Run This ProgramGraphics.h Header File Graphics.lib library file Graphics driver (BGI file) 640x480 VGA monitorHeader File : graphics.hAll Graphical Functions are Included in Graphics.h After Including graphics.h Header File [ You can get access graphical functions ]You must Know Following Things before Learning Turbo Graphics InitGraph :Initializes the graphics system. In C Program execution starts with main() similarly Graphics Environment Starts with this function. initgraph() initializes the graphics system by loading a graphics driver from disk (or validating a registered driver) then [...]

Printing Text in Graphics Using Outtextxy Function

Program : [crayon-5f816249e1992273303880/] Explanation : [crayon-5f816249e1999189368396/]This Function is Similar to Printf Statement. Printf Prints Text on Screen in "Text Mode" while outtextxy() function Prints Text onto Screen in "Graphics Mode". This Function Accepts 3 Parameters.Syntax : [crayon-5f816249e199d129695868/]Parameter ExplanationX_Co-ordinate Specifies X Co-ordinateY_Co-ordinate Specifies Y Co-ordinateText String/Text to be Printed On the Specified Co-ordinates

C Program to check if mouse support is available or not.

Program : [crayon-5f816249e26eb624130432/] Output : [crayon-5f816249e26f1036443399/]Explanation :Int86() is a C function that allows to call interrupts in the C program Header File : dos.h[crayon-5f816249e26f5679192638/]In and out register must be type of REGS. REGS is a built in UNION declaration in C. It is defined in the header file <dos.h>