Accessing 2-D Array Elements In C Programming

Accessing Array Elements

  1. To Access Every 2-D Array we requires 2 Subscript variables.
  2. i – Refers the Row number
  3. j – Refers Column Number
  4. a[1][0] refers element belonging to first row and zeroth column

Accept & Print 2×2 Matrix from user

How it Works ?

  1. For Every value of row Subscript , the column Subscript incremented from 0 to n-1 columns
  2. i.e For Zeroth row it will accept zeroth,first,second  column ( a[0][0],a[0][1],a[0][2]) elements
  3. In Next Iteration Row number will be incremented by 1 and the column number again initialized to 0 .

Accessing 2-D Array