Switch case outside statement

In this tutorial we will be learning how switch case outside statement is written in switch case.

C Switch case outside statement

Consider the below program, if you observe program carefully then you would understand that first printf statement is switch case outside statement

int main()
 int choice = 1 ;
        printf("\nFirst Statement");

  case 1 :
        printf("\nInside Switch case 1");

  case 2 :
        printf("\nInside Switch case 2");

  case 3 :
        printf("\nInside Switch case 3");

Output :

Inside Switch case 1


Before reading the solution keep important switch case rule in mind that – Every Statement in switch must be wrapped within any of the case.

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In the above example,

printf("\nFirst Statement");

is nothing but switch case outside statement, so it is not considered as a part of any of the switch case so it is neglected by compiler

Switch case outside statement c programming

Above picture explains everything, You would be able to identify the blocks which are not the part of any case blocks