Lexical Analysis – Compiler

Compiler :

Compiler takes high level human readable program as input and convert it into the lower level code.This conversion takes place using different phases.First phase of compiler is lexical analysis.

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Different phases of compilers :

  1. Analysis Phase
  2. Synthesis Phase

1.Analysis Phase :

Lexical Analysis Phase :

Task of Lexical Analysis is to read the input characters and produce as output a sequence of tokens that the parser uses for syntax analysis.
Lexical Analyser in Compiler Design - Phases of Compiler in C Programming

  1. Lexical Analyzer is First Phase Of Compiler.
  2. Input to Lexical Analyzer is “Source Code
  3. Lexical Analysis Identifies Different Lexical Units in a Source Code.
  4. Different Lexical Classes or Tokens or Lexemes
    • Identifiers
    • Constants
    • Keywords
    • Operators
  5. Example : sum = num1 + num2 ;

Concept of Lexical Analyzer in Compiler Design
So Lexical Analyzer Will Produce following Symbol Table

Token Type
sum Identifier
= Operator
num1 Identifier
+ Operator
num2 Identifier
; Seperator
  1. Lexical Analyzer is also called “Linear Phase” or “Linear Analysis” or “Scanning
  2. Individual Token is also Called Lexeme
  3. Lexical Analyzer’s Output is given to Syntax Analysis.