Bootstrap Wells : Inset containers

Bootstrap wells are used to provide sunken or inset effect to container on the pages. For creating a well, we need to wrap the content you would like to appear in the well with a <div> tag with class of .well

Bootstrap well classes :

Class Description
well Default style of the bootstrap well
well well-lg Larger padding within well container
well well-sm Smaller padding within well container

Example :

The following example shows a default well:

<div class="well">Hi, I am in default well !!</div>

<div class="well well-lg">Hi, am in large well !!</div>

<div class="well well-sm">Hi, am in small well !!</div>

Above code will produce following output –

Bootstrap Wells - Inset containers

You can change the size of the well using the optional classes well-lg or well-lg. These classes are used along with .well class.