Table of Content

AWK Introduction

What is AWK ?

  1. AWK is an Interpreted Programming Language
  2. AWK is designed for text processing
  3. AWK is used for data extraction.
  4. AWK is used as reporting tool.
  5. AWK is a pattern scanning and processing language

AWK History :

Derivation of NameDerived from the names of Developers
Developwers of AWKAho-Weinberger and Kernighan
Developed in Year1970
Developed in LabBell Lab
Computing Environments1) Windows
3) OS/2
4) BeOS
5) Virtual Memory System (VMS)

Data Driven or Procedure Driven Language ?

Procedural languages such as C/C++ are written using the simple chunks of the procedure. They are not useful when we need to describe of the repeated data.

AWK is used as filter programming language. It is used to get information and process data using simple AWK commands.