Android Introduction

We are more familiar with the android operating system these days. We are using the android on many of our day to day devices such as smartphone,smart-tabs, smart-watch, smart-tv etc. Android is said to be most successful operating system in mobile devices.

Like all the software, Android too developed in releases. Interesting thing about the Android’s naming conversion is that all its versions are named alphabetically.

Android version with their releasing date :

NoVersionNameRelease Date
1Android 1.0-September 23 2008
2Android 1.1-February 9 2009
3Android 1.5CupcakeApril 30 2009
4Android 1.6DonutSeptember 15 2009
5Android 2.0/2.1EclairOctober 26 2009
6Android 2.2FroYoMay 20 2010
7Android 2.3GingerbreadDecember 6 2010
8Android 3.0HoneycombFebruary 22 2011
9Android 4.0Ice Cream SandwichOctober 19 2011
10Android 4.1Jelly BeanJuly 9 2012.
10Android 4.4KitkatNovember 1 2013.

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Some interesting facts about Android :

  1. Currently android is running in 25 billion mobile handsets.
  2. Android is most popular mobile operating system
  3. Android Versions are names alphabetically and all the names are eatable food items
  4. Android development is carried out by Google inc which Acquired Android Inc., A Small Startup, in 2005
  5. Apple and Windows Phone Are Android’s Biggest Competitors still market share of both apple and window together is far behind android
  6. Android Market Share in US :

    Android market share