Ajax Execution : On Local Machine

In the previous chapter we have seen the basics of AJAX and working of AJAX.

If you need to run the AJAX program on the local machine then you need to do following things to achieve the appropriate output.

Steps to Execute AJAX on local Machine :

  1. AJAX cannot be executed on the protocol such as file:// so we need to make the local machine as server.
  2. AJAX can work on the http:// protocol
  3. Click on the link – “Installing Wamp Server on the local System
  4. After installing the Wamp, Put the AJAX code in the www folder of the wamp.
  5. ajax running

  6. To start the wamp server we need to click on the wamp icon in the “System Tray” => “Start all services”
  7. starting the wamp

  8. Now open the localhost in the browser and run the program.
  9. open localhost